Gazebo Rental - Crystal Lake

Completely fill out the gazebo rental form below and click submit or email to Someone from the office will contact you to confirm date availability. Payment is expected at the time of date confirmation. The calendar provided shows dates and times already confirmed.

The cost for a reservation is $75 maximum of 6 hours. 

The complete policy for use is available here.

Please be aware there is no alcohol, no smoking or vaping allowed in Crystal Lake Park or at the gazebo. We are very proud of our facility. Please help us to maintain its cleanliness and beauty by picking up all of your trash from your event and carrying it out with you.

No grills are allowed in the gazebo for health and safety reasons.

Animals are allowed provided they are leashed. Animals are not allowed on the beach at any time. Owners are required to clean up after their dog immediately.


Town of Harrison, PO Box 300, 20 Front Street, Harrison, ME 04040