Medical Sharps

Under Maine Law you are allowed to dispose of needles in your household trash as long as they are secured properly.

Use a heavy puncture proof plastic bottle - like laundry detergent. When full seal the lid with heavy duty tape and mark "Do not Recycle" on the bottle.

There are also products for sale at your local pharmacy that can thrown away in the regular trash when full.

Needle Clipping Devices that clip the needle off a syringe. When the device is full wrap it in heavy duty tape and throw in the trash. Maine residents can Request a free needle clipping device here.

Rigid home sharps containers with locking lids may be placed in household trash when they are full. Pharmacies may have them for purchase and some manufacturers provide them free of charge through patient support programs.

Pre-paid mail-back containers or envelopes are available at your local pharmacy. Designed to be filled and mailed back to the manufacturer for disposal.

Throw loose sharps into the trash or toilet
Leave sharps anywhere they could injure someone
Put containers with sharps in the recycling
Store used sharps in glass bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, aluminum cans, coffee cans or plastic bags

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